when ur parents go out food shopping



a kid at hogwarts who just wants to get a proper education but can’t focus because of all of the shit harry potter and his friends keep getting themselves into




Young newlyweds take a stroll in central park to enjoy the falling of the leaves~ (◡‿◡✿)


This is by far the most emotional Klaine hug in Glee History and my personal favorite aswell


Just paused the promo for Opening Night and do Eye spy a certain debonair homosexual and his strapping male soprano fiance and I need sleep


When Blaine said “I’m scared that one day you’re going to wake up and realize ‘I don’t love him anymore’” my heart broke into pieces. I want Blaine to be happy, he deserves happiness (just like the others). And I want Klaine to be happy. Love all the drama and growing up and adult problems, it’s good stuff, but now let them be happy.


I loved how Kurt said “Never” without skipping a beat. He didn’t need to think about it, he knows he’ll never stop loving blaine.


I love, love, love what Kurt/Chris did in that scene. This is once again a fight that boils down to Blaine’s fear of Kurt leaving him, because Kurt’s growing and Blaine feels he can’t keep up. And like the times before, Kurt will comfort Blaine, hug him, assure him that he will never leave. Once it’s due.

But this is also a fight about strenght and power, of Blaine fearing he is less than Kurt, is weaker, is his inferior.

So I love how aggressively and with so sound a harshness Kurt takes his stand here. Because yes, he does stand up for himself, but he does more I believe. He is not immediately like ‘awww, Blaine baby, come here, poor insecure thing, let me mother you…’. Because even if that might soothe Blaine, probably, it would in that very situation just affirm him in his role, kind of belittle him, put him even further in that mind set of needing to be taken care of right now (not that there is anything wrong with that once in a while, but because that is the point of their argument, being on equal footing).

Instead Kurt challenges Blaine with his harsh tone, to meet him on eye level. Making a statement that he knows Blaine can handle it, handle him like this. That Blaine does not need to be treated like a fragile thing right now, but that Kurt knows, believes that even like this Blaine is strong enough. That is far from not caring, the opposite, really.

And that little moment, when Blaine has averted his eyes. Kurt’s look is immediately softer, asserting and attentive on Blaine’s reaction, checking if he’s pushing too far… but it feels to me like also he is cheering Blaine on inwardly. Like, come on, Blaine, I know you can pull yourself out of this.

Then Kurt’s affectionate smile when he hugs Blaine after. A little tired maybe, because he knows they will probably end up there again, because insecurities like that run deep. But also so content and sure to end up with Blaine in his arms, every single ones of those times yet to come.